When a loved one dies unexpectedly, it is important to determine whether the death was due to negligence or the intentional act of someone else. In Virginia, surviving family members may be compensated and recover damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. With the Harold Law Firm, your case will be handled efficiently and with the utmost of care and compassion. During the difficult time after the death of a loved one, The Harold Law Firm is available to you and your family to help you navigate the legal system and evaluate your options.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, wrongful death cases are usually brought on behalf of the deceased by his or her surviving spouse, child or parent. There are numerous wrongful death causes of action such as:

  • Medical mistakes
  • Car or airplane accidents
  • Criminal attacks
  • Work-related exposure to dangerous conditions or substances
  • Death during a supervised activity

When your Virginia wrongful death suit goes to court, judges and juries will decide your amount of damages. That means they will look at how much money the family lost in terms of support, services, lost prospect of inheritance and medical or funeral costs. Damage awards will also include interest from the date that the family member died.

In cases where cruelty may have been involved, the courts might also consider punishing the person responsible for the wrongful death. The Harold Law Firm will be able to examine the case and determine whether punitive damages will be considered. Mr. Harold will help you understand and protect your rights while maintaining compassion for your situation.